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Originally I was going with the title “Why you need to be at #MeetTheMedia”. The truth is you only need a few things in life but you do want to be at #MeetTheMedia. It is fun, educational, informative and inspiring. The media gets to meet you while you get to meet them and their insights will change the way you communicate your business.

The event actually doesn’t need any real sales pitch coming off the back of the very successful launch in Melbourne in November last year. #MeetTheMedia is an investment into giving your personal and business brand a chance to flourish in the media. It is a chance to hear from those that make the decisions on whether you are in or out, if your story makes it or doesn’t.

The early bird tickets that were available in December caused Perth to sell out half the venue two months before the event and Brisbane and Sydney are not far behind. The interest from the media outlets themselves wanting to be involved is so encouraging. Yes the media wants to know more about you also.

The real reasons you want to be at #MeetTheMedia are not ours but they are yours. You have been feeling a little concerned, confused and even frustrated with the communication of your business. Some things work and a lot don’t. The media connections you once had have moved on and forming relationships with media is difficult and unknown to you. There are times when you think you have nothing to say, or when you do don’t know how to say it. There are times you have a lot to say but can never find the right person to tell or pass the information onto. You have been feeling that some of the investments in communications you have made have been fruitless, have delivered little or are not targeted.

Your reasons are your own and they are valid. You will not be alone with your concerns in the room of the #MeetTheMedia event and even the 20 years I have spent in media keeping up with technology, trends and personnel changes it has been a real challenge. This is a chance for you to hear if from the ‘horse’s mouth’. What do the media want from you? What can you expect from them? What is a story? What do you need to get your story viewed, seen and heard? How can I improve my engagement with media and ultimately my target audience?

When you have the decision makers of the most powerful media in the country nationally and particularly from the local market you are in the information shared is invaluable. When you get to ask the question of the media that you have always wanted to ask the feedback is what makes a real difference to your brand. On top of all of that you will get a chance to personally meet the journalists and get their contact details.

One of the best compliments that came from the Melbourne #MeetTheMedia did not come from an attendee but from the media. It was the media that was amazed at the quality of talent that resented in the room. You might be thinking that you want the media to find you but the media is just as interested in you finding the right media.

Don’t hesitate to join us for #MeetTheMedia

Brisbane: March 1, 8.30am – 1.00pm
Sydney: March 3, 8.30am – 1.00pm
Perth: March 8, 8.30am – 1.00pm

If you email your interest and which city to tickets@mediastable.com.au and we will send you the flyer and payment form.

Best in media, Nic

Nic Hayes is the founder and managing director of Media Stable

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