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Media the key to success for speakers and writers

It is often thought the greater the media profile you have, the greater book sales and speaker bookings you will make. This theory is almost fact when it comes to the wonderful world of writing and speaking for a living. The greater profile you have in the media is going to make life a lot easier when it comes to being a success in these fields.

One of the great challenges for authors and speakers is getting and keeping the attention of the public. The media is one of the great launching platforms for both authors and speakers but it is crowded, loud and difficult to get breakthrough. Luck will most certainly not be on your side and you will need to have a well-designed strategy to get the attention of this most important ally, the media.

A business futurist who was once quite prominent on the speaker’s circuit indicated why a media profile was so important for his career. The media was his ‘rubber stamp of authority’ and virtually his sole marketing campaign for future speaking gigs. The more he was seen in the media the more bookings for his services came through. The only other method that generated more work for him was referrals from current speaking jobs. Higher media profiles not only mean more gigs but also greater fees.

Here are four keys to success in and with media.

Key #1: Engage early and regularly

A very prominent mistake made in the writing industry is that the author only starts to engage media once the book is written. This is the first step to a difficult time as the author is generally unknown, the media has little time to investigate them or their subject and momentum from the launch is lost. Authors and writers need to communicate with media well before then. The reason media wants to talk to you is not because you have written a book but it is what is inside that book that matters. It’s the content, the opinions and your view that the media is after. Regularly contribute content via your own media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and a blog.

Key #2: Engage the right media for you

Another exhausting challenge the speaker and author today have is to actually find the right media to talk to. If they do it is near impossible to form solid media relationships with the media personnel constantly moving around. Raise your profile by being represented in traditional and new media. Use a range of platforms. Develop relationships with media relevant to your sector. Take your story to them.

Key #3: Diversify your communications

You can no longer just let your speaking or writing do the talking. You need to be a thorough and multi-skilled communicator. Those that speak for a living need to become better writers and those that write for a living need to become better speakers.

Key #4: Seek professional advice

Design and execute a 12-month strategy plan. A good publicist is important if you can afford one but in many cases if you have the content you just need a platform to launch from. This is where Media Stable has enjoyed working with both authors and speakers.

If you take anything away from this piece of writing is that you must take responsibility for your own success in this space. Media is not going to seek you out. You don’t accidently become a speaking or writing success. It is going to take will and desire. There are inexpensive ways and means to raising your profile and if you do it smartly you will achieve what you set out to do in the beginning.

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