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Five takeaways from #MeetTheMedia 2017

Australia’s media delivered once again at this year’s round of #MeetTheMedia events. Those who attended were presented with a veritable gold mine of information and engagement and the amount of positive feedback from both media and attendees has been humbling. Read more

Media releases and the role of PR in question today

Many in the world of media argue the use of media releases and the role of public relations in the delivery of communications these days. They have both been questioned, as the volume of content increases and the human resources within traditional media have decreased. Read more

The media’s tips for you the expert

The media can be mysterious for people who aren’t in it. Want to know how to get your story told in Australia’s leading TV, radio and print/digital media? Here’s the tops tips Media Stable has collected from our friends at leading Aussie media, including Network Ten, Southern Cross Austereo, Seven West Media and Channel Nine. Read more

Go on… #MeetTheMedia

I often get asked why do you put on #MeetTheMedia an event where those that are looking to be in media get to meet those that make it happen? Why do you risk the attendees being able to do their own media? Read more

Mentor your way to media

I have been working with media for over twenty years and some of my mentors include some of the most outspoken and reserved people out there. There are lessons to be learned from them all as we have so much at stake every time we engage media. Read more

Come and #MeetTheMedia in 2017

The 2017 #MeetTheMedia program is looking to be the best we have done. Fantastic new format that concentrates on connecting with experts and media. The talent pool from the media is nothing short of excellent. We have the elite media programs and decision makers in the room. Read more

The benefits of sharing your opinion

I recently wrote an Opinion Editorial piece for the West Australian that went to print on the 1st of January 2017. It was an in-depth piece into the campaign that the Chamber of Minerals and Energy has rolled out against the Nationals leader Brendon Grylls. Read more

Fake news is not new

It’s actually been around for a few hundred years, however we have only just really begun to take more notice as the internet has tightened its grip with a prime example being the US election and the impact across the globe. Fake news is not necessarily about deception but rather the interpretation of facts.  Read more

Now’s the time to make 2017 yours

We are fast approaching Christmas and as we reflect on the year that was, successes or otherwise, now is the time to look at creating a strategy for 2017 to build your business or brand and enhancing your prospects for a successful New Year. Read more

The five key attributes of the perfect expert

We’ve all seen and heard those ubiquitous media experts. When there’s a news story or issue around their area of expertise they’re inevitably interviewed or quoted. Read more

Dreamworld tragedy serves sad lessons for media and business

When news broke on Tuesday afternoon of a serious incident with multiple fatalities at the Gold Coast’s Dreamworld, the shockwaves spread across the nation. Since 1981 many hundreds of thousands of Australian families, from all corners of the country, have made the theme park pilgrimage to the Gold Coast, and to the granddaddy of them all, Dreamworld. Read more

#MeetTheMedia – the 5 takeaway messages

I’m sitting on the plane heading to Perth and only hours ago I was attending the Melbourne #MeetTheMedia program which we hosted in that brilliant event space, Smart Artz Gallery in South Melbourne. What an amazing day it was! Read more

Is Waleed Aly the most influential person in media?

Nic Hayes was asked by The New Daily his thoughts on broadcaster and media personality Waleed Aly and where he fits in the scheme of media influence. There is no doubt that he is one of the most influential members of the media for both his style and views. It’s a good read. Click here

10 tips to get to know your media

If you get to know your target media then you’re far more likely to be successful with that media. A little bit of effort, research and building of relationships will make for a better connection. It’s not difficult but it does take time and persistence. Give these tips a go and you’re on the road to success. Read more

5 ways to get ideas for content

To position yourself as an expert in the media, especially within your industry, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse. Keeping an eye on relevant news articles is just one way to boost your content, however there are smarter and simpler ways to pick up on the topics of discussion you specialize in, without them potentially going past their use by date. Read more

If you aren’t On Air you’re Off Air

Pretty simple isn’t it and to be honest you need to make every effort if you have desire to be a part of the media. It is a commitment that many will never understand as experts, as industry spokespeople, as people who are looking to make an impact from their sector or field of experience. The first rule for all that want to be in media is to be ‘awesome’. What does that mean? It means be the best you possibly can be. I mean even better than your best day. Read more

Why many media releases miss their mark

Having recently left a role where I was bombarded with over 200 emails a day, many of them media releases, I have some views on what makes a media release a success or an abject failure. These views are in no particular order, nor is this list exhaustive…that would go against my one-page rule! Read more

Why didn’t the media call me?

Every Tuesday this month I’ve hosted a group of 5-6 experts who are registered with Media Stable for a session on best practice communication with the media. It’s a pilot program Media Stable is looking to introduce across the country, to get a support network going for those that are trying to establish authority and a standing within the media. Read more

#MeetTheMedia is back in Melbourne

The #MeetTheMedia program is returning to Melbourne on the 25th of October 2016 twelve months after its launch and  travelling to Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. The opportunity to meet, listen, learn and engage with Australia’s best media is one that business owners and communicators have celebrated. Read more

So, you’re going to be on the radio…

For many people the thought of a radio interview can send shudders down the spine. Ensuring you’re well-prepared will help to soothe any nerves and result in a performance that will mean you’ll be asked back again and again. Read more

Sometimes you get interviewed by your hero

Media Stable provides some of the best experts for all media but sometimes we are the expert. The chance Nic Hayes got to talk with Alan Kohler on Qantas Radio was a real treat.  The media wants people who want to be in front of the media according to Alan and we agree. Read more

Hawthorn what were you thinking?

When Hawthorn Football Club comes onto the ground and go through their banner with their traditional brown and gold stripe jumper you know that they are already three goals in front before the first bounce. Read more

How do I start a podcast?

Well that is the question that one in four of my clients are asking as they look to take their content and expertise to another level. Podcasting was once the domain of tech savvy, too-much-time-on-their-hands professionals that liked to hear the sound of their own voice. Read more

Have you been thinking about podcasting?

Read more

When is the right time to send my media pitch?

Timing is everything and as the great Kenny Rogers once said, you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run. This is a lesson for media as much as gambling.

Media engagement is as much about timing as it is about the concept behind your pitch. If you send a story idea to a journalist/editor/producer at the wrong moment in their day, the wrong moment in the news cycle or the wrong moment in relation to world events, then you might as well not send it. Read more

5 mistakes made by experts

As a manager of experts I often get asked what I look for in an expert, what is it that makes someone stand out and recognisable as an industry or subject expert? Read more

Where did all the good news go?

One of the most important things to do when building your media engagement is to keep up to date with the news. Whether you’re listening, reading or watching it, you really should access a couple of different news sources daily so you can keep abreast of what is going on in the world and your industry, and therefore maintain relevance in your content.  Read more

Media Stable buys in on the KFC viral campaign

Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell co-hosts of Brand Newsroom fought this out out on a recent episode and it just didnt stop there. Nic wrote a piece for Mumbrella view here  that looked at KFC understanding what it takes to get to its audience using both traditional and new media.

Media Stable writes for the AICD

On the 27/5/16 Nic Hayes contributed to the Australian Institute of Company Directors newsletter on how to deal with viral negative and positive attention. An area quite foreign to most company directors. View full article here

5 things media told us to tell you

If you are serious about your intention of being seen more in traditional or new media then you have some work to do. Here are some off the inside secrets and advice from some of the best producers in the country.  Read more

To respond or not to respond to social media

Considering that more than 80% of social media posts that reference a brand or company are going to be negative in tone, you cannot afford to ‘put your head in the sand’ and ignore what is going on digitally. For the same reason, you should never ignore the positive posts that get out there as these are significant opportunities to take advantage of as a brand.

Read more

What to do if media like your story

So you’ve written the perfect Media Board entry, it’s gone out to the media, and then… your number one media target rings you up and they want your story.

Read more

Media Stable FAQs

What is Media Stable’s business model? How do you make money?
Media Stable is free to the media and an annual subscription for experts to access the media platform and use our media support services. It is a low-cost service in comparison to a PR business model and it allows business owners to be in control of their messages.

Read more

Media the key to success for speakers and writers

It is often thought the greater the media profile you have, the greater book sales and speaker bookings you will make. This theory is almost fact when it comes to the wonderful world of writing and speaking for a living. The greater profile you have in the media is going to make life a lot easier when it comes to being a success in these fields. Read more

Are you ready to work with media?

It is a question that challenges many business owners and subject matter experts from all fields – are you really ready to work with the media? When considering putting yourself forward as an expert in the media, imposter syndrome can set in. It is primarily driven by low confidence levels, and self-confidence can be low for many reasons, especially when it comes to working with the media. Doubt and the Imposter Syndrome can cripple the individual from taking charge of their rightful position as a commentator for media. Read more

The basic guide to journo jargon


Journalists will often talk about how much they hate jargon – you know, industry speak. Acronyms and clichés will be weeded out of stories by subeditors and editors, the word-inspectors who forever search for hidden business parlance in copy, before anything goes to print/air/live. But the irony is, journos love their jargon more than anyone! If you are talking with a journalist and have no idea what they’re talking about, check out the Media Stable Journo Jargon Glossary… Read more


Over many years of working with thought-leaders, commentators, business and industry leaders I have observed the characteristics that make an ‘Expert’. Every individual has a very different approach, style and willingness to share their expertise with an audience. Read more


Ah the Press Release, a PR consultants dream and so often a journalist’s nightmare.

When press releases were first invented they were a hit with journalists. Folk lore – and Wikipedia – tells us that the first press release was created by Ivy Lee, a gentleman who worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906, when a major train accident happened on Atlantic City railways and killed over 50 people. Read more


Originally I was going with the title “Why you need to be at #MeetTheMedia”. The truth is you only need a few things in life but you do want to be at #MeetTheMedia. It is fun, educational, informative and inspiring. The media gets to meet you while you get to meet them and their insights will change the way you communicate your business. Read more


After the successful #MeetTheMedia in Melbourne in November the event is coming to Brisbane with some of the best media featured on the panel series. Come and ask the question you have always wanted to ask. Meet the media that you want to engage with and find out what they want. Email tickets@mediastable.com.au to reserve your spot. Read more


After the successful #MeetTheMedia in Melbourne in November the event is coming to Sydney with some of the best media featured on the panel series. Come and ask the question you have always wanted to ask. Read more


After the successful #MeetTheMedia in Melbourne in November the event is coming to Perth with some of the best media featured on the panel series. Come and ask the question you have always wanted to ask. Read more