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5 ways to get ideas for content

To position yourself as an expert in the media, especially within your industry, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse. Keeping an eye on relevant news articles is just one way to boost your content, however there are smarter and simpler ways to pick up on the topics of discussion you specialize in, without them potentially going past their use by date.

1. Create a Content Calendar. Find resource tools that allow you to diarise key dates that are relevant to your industry. For example – Psychologists and those specialising in mental health would be aware of RU OK? Day, Mental Health Week; Blue September and more.

2. Think outside the box; eg – Christmas isn’t just about retailers, it’s a time when those in finance, family law, relationship counselling or technology can all be contributing content based on previous experiences from their own area of expertise.

3. Previous news cycles: There is repetition in the media on many topics each year. Think about how you might offer an alternative view and change the way the media cover the topic or event. Refreshing content, coupled with a new face or voice, can brighten up even the most tired, boring of topics and possibly have you replace that expert of 20 years that the media keep recycling.

4. Seasonal changes, sport cycles, education terms; We laugh about people resorting to the weather to get a conversation happening, however the change in seasons is a good back-up if you are struggling for content. Sports cycles, end of seasons and education terms make for a conversation starter on many topics as well.

5. The questions you are asked the most in business can be turned into timely content. The more common the question you are asked, whether it is from your clients, attendees at a function or in day to day conversation; will more than likely be an issue that majority of the population also have. Turning these questions into a short submission piece will increase your chances of being picked up by the general media.

Supplying and writing regular content is important, but so is the timing that goes with it. The more regularly visible you are, the more likely the media will remember you and pick up on your expertise.

Written by Michelle Soia, General Manager of Media Stable.

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